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Campers and staff alike are required to follow camp favors at all times to ensure everyone stays safe and enjoys their time at camp.  We will go over the camp favors with campers on the first day of camp, but we encourage you to review the following in advance.


Be Safe

Everyone's safety is our highest priority! In order to keep campers safe we ask everyone to stay with the group at all times, do not climb up fences or into exhibits, wear your camp t-shirt so campers and staff are easily recognized, and refrain from fighting (even play fighting) as it may result in serious injuries.


Put simply, respect means to be nice. We all need to work on being nice to each other, respecting each others space, listening to each other and respecting what everyone has to say. This also includes respecting the plants and animals at the zoo by not picking the plants or their leaves, tapping on the the glass at animal exhibits or yelling at the animals.

Listen and Learn 

If we listen to the staff, each other and the animals, we can learn many exciting and wonderful things!  Listening can teach us things and it can keep us safe. When we listen to others and respect what they say, they are more likely to listen to us when it is our turn.

Have Fun

We want everyone to have fun, that is what camp is all about! Paying attention to the camp favors can help make camp great. If there is ever a time a camper is not having to the staff! We will do everything we can to make things better!