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Suitcase for Survival

Grades: 5-12

$25.00 loan fee; full payment — cash or check (made out to Woodland Park Zoo) — must be made when you pick up your resource.

The Suitcase for Survival can be borrowed for a maximum of two weeks. The Suitcase must be picked up and dropped off at the zoo’s Guest Services inside the South Entrance.

To schedule:
Please call 206.548.2581 or email to request the Suitcase for Survival. Please indicate your name, school name, email, phone number and loan period (start date and end date, two-week period).

The Suitcase for Survival, containing confiscated endangered species items obtained from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service together with education materials prepared by World Wildlife Fund, is available for loan to upper elementary through high school educators upon completion of a zoo-sponsored teacher workshop concerning international wildlife trade and its serious impact on animal survival. See our Educator Professional Development page or call 206-548-2424 for dates and times of upcoming teacher workshops.


Owl Pellets For Purchase

Grades: K-12
Fee: $1 per pellet
To request:

Other Local Resources for Loan Kits

There are a number of other excellent local sources for education loan materials. We have provided information on some of these below.


Seattle Audubon

Education Resources and Kits
Enhance your environmental education and science units with the aid of Seattle Audubon's Education Kits. Originally developed by our Education staff for teacher use in Seattle Public Schools, these kits can also be used by Scout leaders, community centers, or any other adult hoping to educate a group of children about birds and nature!

Kit topics include: raptors, local birds, bird adaptations and flight physics, outdoor birding basics, and bird song identification.

Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

Burke Boxes
More than 1,000 artifacts and scientific specimens fill our Burke Boxes—portable teaching collections designed to supplement the study of natural history and culture for all ages. Each Burke Box is developed by a team of educators and contains museum objects, background information and activity suggestions for multiple grades. Designed to enhance the study of cultural and natural history, Burke Boxes connect your students to real scientific specimens and cultural artifacts. Boxes are developed by a team of educators and designed to support Washington state education standards.  

Burke Box topics: More than 40 box titles across five major topics (archeology, biology, geology, Pacific Northwest cultures and world cultures) are offered.