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Friends by Nature

Location: Alvord Broadleaf Theater

Several new animals have joined Woodland Park Zoo’s Ambassador Animals program including an arctic fox, skunk and pot-bellied pigs. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet these incredible animals through engaging, up-close experiences that incite empathy and the desire to take action for wildlife. The zoo’s Raptor Center is increasing its visitor space and transforming the popular raptor program by expanding the diversity of animals for visitors to experience in the dynamic encounters. In addition to birds of prey, the new program will feature several of the zoo’s new Ambassador Animals. 

Earn Your Wings

Location: Wildlife Theater

Raptors are some of the fastest animals on the planet, with species such as peregrine falcons reaching dives approaching 140 mph! They are also some of the most talented hunters featuring keen eyesight and brainpower. See a host of different raptor species from hawks to owls and vultures at our Raptor Center. From May 1 through September 30, daily raptor flight demonstrations are given with keepers presenting fascinating details and showcasing the adept skills of raptors as they fly right over head.