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Steller’s Sea Eagle Breeding Program

A project of Wildlife Survival Fund: Investing in endangered species before it’s too late.



Geographic Location

Magadan Region, Russia.  Magadan State Reserve (Zapovednik)

Focal Species

Steller’s Sea Eagle

IUCN Red List Status of Focal Species


Steller’s sea eagle is a large sea eagle classed as vulnerable globally. Its breeding distribution is limited to a narrow coastal strip in the Russian Far East. Many migrate to wintering grounds in Hokkaido. Within the framework of long-term monitoring of the population in the Magadan State Reserve, the project conducts research to better understand eagle ecology, monitor its status within the region, suggest its status across its range, and promote its conservation.

This project was initiated in 1989 and is the longest running continuous study of a population of Steller’s sea eagles in the world. The data from this project is the de facto baseline information on breeding success and survival for the whole population. Because Steller’s sea eagles are long-lived (probably living up to 30 years or more), it is important that long-term monitoring and research is conducted because it spans eagle generations and enables researchers to understand important demographic parameters such as survival and turnover of breeders.

Project Mission:  The core mission is to maintain the annual monitoring of the population within the Kava-Chelomdze segment of the Magadan State Reserve.  When human and financial resources are available we expand that to include surrounding areas, and to mount specific research and conservation initiatives.  We publish in peer-reviewed literature the results of our work, and in more popular outlets (so far mostly in Russian).


Review the blog posts from the Steller’s Sea Eagle team during their summer field season.


Steller's Sea Eagles at Woodland Park Zoo

The Steller's sea eagles can be found in the award-winning Northern Trail exhibit at Woodland Park Zoo. Look up in the trees to see a large stick nest, and visitors can also see a wild bald eagle nest in the elk yard located close by.

To learn more:

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